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Digital Video Surveillance has one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios. From market leading software development to innovative technologies, this portfolio is designed to deliver intelligent solutions within an expansive product range that will meet your design needs.

You will find’s products and services in schools, banks, government facilities, businesses, convenience stores, casinos and hotels – and wherever you find us, you will also find innovation.

Convenience. Flexibility. Control.

Our GlobalEye™ DVR Surveillance Systems support advanced video compression technologies including H.264 and MPEG4, generating full frame rate and optimized digital video quality.

You will find our intuitive proprietary software provides the most easy-to-use features that will meet your security needs. Each system is custom built for you.

Our video surveillance software provides a collection of innovative features and supports forwarding hardware for high-end surveillance solutions. Features include but are not limited to Object index by face detection, Higher resolutions for widescreen monitors, Touch screen support, and Password expiration management. Also included are applications for visual automation, virtual I/O control, POS live view via WebCam, and mobile server support for WebCam. New hardware devices include an IP surveillance solution, hardware compression video, and POS data capture with Internet connection and parallel port.

If multiple Terabytes of Hard drive space is not enough, our product line of External Hard Drive Storage options is available for those security situations requiring storage-based digital solutions ancillary to that provided internally in the DVR. We have integrated the most advanced features of storage technology, including built-in RAID - a powerful advantage for higher data throughput.'s DVR provides a single user interface for integration of your most common mission critical security applications. The DVR's access control and alarm monitoring capabilities serve as the cornerstone for building a completely integrated security management system including digital video surveillance with customer specific integration requirements. Access control systems can include entry control programs, central monitoring capabilities, intercoms, photo ID access, elevator control, keypad entry, panic buttons and fire alarms.

Learn more about the GlobalEye™ DVR Surveillance System features.

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