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Our GlobalEye DVR™ and your POS System or ATM

Monitoring, Security and Convenience at the Point of Sale

Our Software adds a new level of security and control to your business by monitoring critical cash and product flow at the Point of Sale. In response to industry demand, we manufacture our DVRs with the ability to create a database log with the criteria and parameters you specify. You can then easily view transactions and search for specific events based on your set criteria.

This database of your specific criteria allows for easy searches based on specific products, dollar value of total sales, voided sales, date and time, item prices, individual employees, individual terminals, and more. Transactional data can be superimposed on live and recorded video.


Our GlobalEye DVR™ and License Plate Recognition (LPR) Software

Our DVR - LPR System adds a new level of security and control to your business by monitoring and managing your parking lots --- cars, customers and employees. The System incorporates several intelligent features for customer service and parking lot control by creating databases.

Managers can utilize this database function of the LPR to acquire and analyze parking lot data such as vehicle counting, monthly parking frequency, and average parking time during specific times of day.

The DVR - LPR will associate videos with data such as license plate numbers and car entry/exit time. It can also capture a driver's face, car type and the lot's payment area. It is up to you how we set up the System's functions, based on your specific needs.

In case of fraud or a cash shrinkage investigation, parking managers can search for videos by any data available to expedite settlement of the dispute. In a parking lot, capturing a vehicle's license plate, for example, is an efficient way of controlling which cars can and cannot enter your lot, based on criteria set by you. (i.e. has a monthly parking pass and can enter lot, versus license plate number is associated with a negative past event and authorities need to be notified.)

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