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Creating a Seamless Security Network

Our I/O product line provides intelligent solutions to meet your various application needs. This can enhance the control of your business by providing an interface to your external devices such as sensors or detectors.

Your GlobalEye™ DVR can be automatically triggered by motion in front of the cameras. To integrate something else as a trigger to your DVR beyond what is in front of the lens, we use these modules to provide an Early Warning Signal before any of your cameras detect motion. This includes panic buttons, glass breakage sensors and turnstile/gate/door entrance activity. When these same alarm panels or entrances are connected as an input/output to the DVR, they can now activate features of the DVR including recording, sending a page or calling a cell phone.

I/O also plays a role in License Plate Recognition (LPR)
License plate recognition databases are processed and stored in Microsoft Access for easy and multiple applications. The DVR - LPR activates the recognition process in two ways. The first is by software video motion detection that detects vehicles passing through the camera and illuminator zone. The second is by I/O activation, which the action triggers recognition and recording.

The system can recognize and display the license plate images registered in the database. The system supports two viewing modes, Camera Overview and Picture-in-Picture providing the camera overview with the last recognized image, all to provide ease of monitoring. An alarm can be triggered when an unauthorized or unrecognizable vehicle is spotted resulting in triggers of I/O Relay or user-defined applications. Recognized data can also be part of the LPR applications.

Retrieving additional information can be done in many ways including vehicle entry and exit records by license plate number, and the vehicle counter feature that tracks the number of vehicles remaining in the parking lot by counting the vehicles entering and exiting the gate.

JPEG format support allows approximately 2 million JPEG images to be saved on a 160 GB HDD

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