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Digital Video Surveillance Features

Overview of Major Features:
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Choice of recording at 120, 240 and 480 fps
Recording trigger by round-the-clock, motion detection, alarm and schedule
Adjustable recording quality and frame rate for each camera
Pre-motion and post-motion recording
Supports Windows XP / Server 2003 burning software

Intelligent Recording and Playback:
Privacy Mask Protection
Advanced Motion Detection
Scene Change Detection
Advanced Round-The-Clock Recording
Instant Playback
Time Merge From Different Clips
Pre-Recording Using HDD

Smart Search & Easy Playback:
Timeline Search
Face Detection for Object Index
Object search
Index search
Object Index
Export a video footage within a specified time range
Synchronized audio and video for both live and playback modes
Continues playback of set frames A to B
EXE format export, playable with any third-party players
AVI format export in multiple screens mode
DVD format export for Hybrid Card format files
Option for recycling the input-triggered events (never recycle function)
Automatic refresh of the video event list in LAN view log
Backup, save AVI and BMP functions accessible in LAN ViewLog

up to 640 x 480 recording and display resolution
up to 30Fps (frames per second) per camera
specify a zone and and perform a search based on motion within that zone
count the number of objects (cars, people, etc.) passing through a predefined area
perform a search based on criteria such as motion detection
event can be displayed frame by frame in "thumbnail" size in viewer to prevent missing critical information
remote administration through web interface
included backup software supports HDD, CD-RW, DVD, MO and ZIP drives
DVD+RW and software included for saving video clips to DVD
Mpeg 4 / Wavelet compression technology
alarm to e-mail, phone or pager - jpeg picture or text messaging available
embedded I/O devices control
embedded PTZ control panel
built-in web server
digital watermark authentication
multi-level username / password authentication for local system functions and viewing options
full screen display
supports dynamic IP address
video lost detection
on-screen video lost message
supports dual screen display
video deinterlace filter
video auto gain controller
video scaling filter
mini-view display
remote view client software and browser client included
playback while monitoring and recording
remote playback and remote recording

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