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New Products   

Our broad line of products and technologies remain cost competitive solutions in a consistently developing market. Our exciting features will continue to enrich the user's experience.

Many of our customers will appreciate the advanced 3G Mobile Phone Support (3GPP) to stay connected to their DVRs. more DVR info

Another new feature some of our customers have been asking for is Visual Automation. It can be used to operate electronic appliances by triggering the output device. This means that you can control an appliance (e.g. lights On/Off) by simply clicking its image on the monitor.

In addition to manufacturing and integrating DVR systems, we also carry an extensive line of cameras for all DVR installation applications. We have cameras specific for License Plate Recognition, Car Wash facilities, Boat Docks, Casinos, Banks and more. We will help you select the appropriate cameras for the locations needing monitoring.


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