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Case Studies

Overall Management of Business and Protection from Internal Theft

Case # 1
Business Challenges:

Our Customer wants to add to his in-store customer safety by enhancing a security system that had first been installed in 2001, and was successful only to the extent that if the owner could determine money was missing from his register, he could review the video in an attempt to catch his employee.

The business owner wants to be able to track more customers at the POS system with quick, easy access to valuable information. It was previously impossible for him to accomplish this internally because his current system required technical assistance for site maintenance and editing, and the system was not integrated with other aspects of his business.

Solution: helped our Customer select a dynamic management solution built on’s GlobalEye™ DVR. With robust customization and connections into various internal systems, our solution creates a framework for our Customer’s marketing team and other departments to control their own sections of the business. Built-in security limits individuals’ access to only their assigned areas.

Key Benefits:

The DVR System has added value to our Customer’s business by:
Providing video clips of employees, customers and merchandise
Displaying an online log of features with real-time availability of information
Allowing scheduling and management of desired features
Providing real-time and recorded access to transactions at the POS systems, cash registers and integrated sensors

Case # 2
Business Challenges:

Our Customer was concerned about the efficiency and profitability of his restaurant while he was not there. His concerns included what level of customer service was being provided, did he have adequate staffing for the amount of customers present, and was there any internal shrinkage or ongoing theft of which he was not aware?

The employees would often not answer the phone when the owner called during the day, and later claim that they were "busy in the back". The owner did not know what his employees were doing or how his customers were being treated. Naturally concerned, he would inevitably have to drive to the restaurant to check on his livelihood.


To protect profit margins for his family’s restaurant, we installed’s GlobalEye™ DVR in the dining areas, and in the kitchen and storage areas. As the lighting conditions vary in different areas and at different times of day, cameras were chosen to solve these issues.

Key Benefits:

Providing remote access to his business. The owner now knows if he has adequate staffing for the number of customers present or expected, and he knows what his employees are doing.

Providing a deterrent. The owner was unaware that before the installation of the DVR, employees were helping themselves to sides of beef and whole fish. They admitted to the owner that they thought they were entitled to take home the leftovers, and did not consider it stealing. With the DVR systems in place, food and other supplies are now accounted for and correctly correspond to the POS system’s product inventory and pricing. Additionally, the employees have stopped having others clock them in and out when they were not even there, again previously cheating the restaurant owner out of money, and now helping to protect the bottom line.

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