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POS/DVR Combination
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POS / DVR Combination --- Convenience, Flexibility, Control.

GlobalEye™ POS Live View via Internet Browser
Special remote monitoring application that allows live monitoring, video playback, PTZ control, I/O control, camera zoom in and out, and system configuration --- all via your Internet browser. If a transaction is suspicious, you can play back the related video instantly to check the transaction.

Feature Highlights:

Quick Search: Single video search and playback with transaction data. Search by criteria: keyword in the receipt, transaction event (start/stop/void), or start time.

POS Field Filter: Allows you to create a column of a transaction item in the System Log. It further filters the transaction conditions based on your criteria, and displays the results under the created column. For example, you can screen out all the transactions containing the keyword "coke", and other criteria associated with it.

Abnormal Transaction Alerts: When pre-defined abnormal transactions occur, e.g. over a certain value amount, the system will output alarm devices and send an alert message via email, phone or SMS.

Cash Drawer Input Setting: Set module to the cash drawer so whenever it opens, an alert will be sent to the DVR System site, and the transaction will be saved in the System Log for later retrieval.

Smart Search: Pre-define a case sensitive search area to pinpoint any suspicious shoplifter.

User Customization: Adjust POS text font, text color, background color, and text alignment on screen and video files.

GlobalEye™ DVR Overview

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