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GlobalEye™ DVR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please call your Authorized Dealer regarding any additional questions not answered below.

1. Can I adjust each camera's recording frame rate individually?

There are three options available: Smart, High, and Low.

Smart: When the Smart Recording Option is selected, the system will distribute as many frame rates as possible to the camera where motion occurs. This allows you to maximize the quality of the recorded event without wasting critical system resources on a camera that may not need them at all times.

High: System will distribute a high percentage of frames (not a definite frame number) to the selected camera while the other cameras will share the rest of the frame rates. Assuming that all cameras are in action, selecting "High" ensures this critical camera always receives a higher frame rate than the rest of the cameras.

Low: System will distribute a low percentage of frame rates to the selected camera. Assuming that all cameras are in action, certain cameras are of lesser importance. System can be set "Low" in order to allow the frame rates to go to the more important cameras.

Frame Rate Setup: Allows you to limit a camera’s maximum recording frame rate. If the value you specify is 10, this means this camera will not exceed 10 frames/second. This setting will take effect in all recording modes including Smart, High and Low.


2. Am I able to receive multiple alerts when an alarm is triggered?

The HotLine Notice Interval allows you to specify the time interval between each notification. For example, if the interval time you specified is 5 minutes, then the system will call your phone/pager every 5 minutes if motion still persists. Once motion is no longer detected, the system will stop calling.


3. Can I control the motion detection settings?

The "Motion Sensitivity" sets up a threshold for motion detection. You may choose a sensitivity level between 1 and 10. The higher the value, the more sensitive the system is to the motion. Movement will be recorded when the motion exceeds the value you have selected.


4. Is the DVR password protected on multiple levels?

Four levels are available: Supervisor, PowerUser, User and Guest.

The Password Setup function allows you to define a user profile for each MultiCam DVR user. A user’s profile determines which functions this user is allowed to access. Only the Supervisor level users can access the Password Setup function.

You can select an authorization level for each user. Each of seven category will have a list of functions to which you can grant or deny access. Supervisor will have access to all the MultiCam DVR functions while PowerUser and User will be restricted to only some of the functions. You can specify which functions to grant or deny for the PowerUser and User. Guest level user is allowed to view video only and is restricted from all other MultiCam DVR functions.

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