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Featuring the GlobalEye DVR™

" stands for the depth and diversity of our research capabilities, manufacturing expertise and product selection. We take pride in being one of the world's premier security and surveillance manufacturers. Our engineering and marketing prowess allows us to take the technology we develop in the laboratory and create quality, affordable products for the surveillance and remote digital broadcasting industries.


Security & Surveillance
 Digital Video Recorders


Desired security features with management tools that will benefit any industry with single or multiple locations. Easy to use remote viewing, recording and playback functions. Intelligent Video Analytics.
Extensive Product Line
 POS/DVR Combination


Remotely monitor cashier area or ATM, associate POS transaction data with video, analyze live or recorded video with transactions, and pinpoint areas of suspicious behavior. Remote notification.

Marina Security
 Outside Surveillance


Your marina and boat provide a tranquil setting for an ideal getaway on the water. You also dock your vessel and enjoy a day off the water. Either way, you want your property and guests protected.

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